Location of Chhattar Bilas Gardens, Attractions of the Garden. Location of the Garden : This garden is located near the tourist Bungalow in Kota City, District Kota, Rajasthan. Attractions of the Garden : It houses the royal cenotaphs or chhatris belonging to the erstwhile rulers of Kota and the members […]

Chhattar Bilas Gardens

Location of Mool Sagar, History of Mool Sagar, Architecture of the Garden, Attractions of the Garden. Location of Mool Sagar : This Royal Pleasure Garden is located at a distance of 9 Km from Jaisalmer Fort on the way to Sam Sand Dunes in District Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. History of Mool […]

Mool Sagar

Location of Bada Bagh, History of Bada Bagh, Architecture of Bada Bagh, Attractions of Bada Bagh. Location of Bada Bagh : This Garden is located on Jaisalmer-Ramgarh Road at a distance of 6 Km North of Jaisalmer City, District Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. History, Architecture & Attractions of Bada Bagh : It […]

Bada Bagh

Location of Saheliyon Ki Bari, History of Saheliyon Ki Bari, Attractions of the Garden. Location of Saheliyon Ki Bari : This is a magnificent Garden located on the banks of the Fateh Sagar Lake in the Northern part of Udaipur City, District Udaipur, Rajasthan. History of Saheliyon Ki Bari : […]

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Location of Umed Garden, History of the Garden, Attractions of the Garden. Location of Umed Garden : This sprawling and beautiful garden is located in Jodhpur City, District Jodhpur, Rajasthan. History & Attractions of the Garden : It was established by Maharaja Umaid Singh (1918-1947 A.D.) and covers an area […]

Umed Garden

Location of Deeg Excursions, History of Deeg Excursions, Architecture of Deeg Excursions. Location of Deeg Excursions : The beautiful garden town of Deeg is located at a distance of 40 Km from Mathura City & 98 Km North of Agra City and 34 Km North of Bharatpur City in District […]

Deeg Excursions

Location of Company Garden or Purjan Vihar, History of Company Garden ‘or’ Purjan Vihar, Architecture of Company Garden ‘or’ Purjan Vihar. Location of Company Garden ‘or’ Purjan Vihar : This beautiful Garden is located adjacent to the City Palace in Alwar City, District Alwar, Rajasthan. History of Company Garden ‘or’ […]

Company Garden or Purjan Vihar