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In Books we read only of ideas, thoughts and experiences of other men. The knowledge thus acquired is theoretical. Mere theoretical knowledge is not enough. We must also know about the lifestyle of other people around. We can learn more about them only when we meet them. To meet them we’ve got to travel and explore. Travelling takes us from the field of theory to the field of practical knowledge. From the realm of imagination, we come down to reality. Here in “Tourism in India” Section i am giving some details of the places of attraction in India.

Well, tourism is not just travelling distances, exploring new worlds and the different lifestyles of the people, it also teaches us a lot may things.

A man who has never gone out of home has very narrow outlook. He feels his own way of living to be the best. He fails to understand the effect of environment on the life of a man, but on the other hand a traveller sees for himself the life of different people. He observes for himself the effect of environment on their customs and ways of life.

When we go to some place, we find that the people there have some elements common among them, it can be their sense of dressing or their way of talking or their food, customs, or anything for that matter. It is due to the environment of that particular area. Why do people living in colder areas eat meat and drink wine? The chill makes it necessary for them to eat meat and drink wine. To sustain their lives they have to do so.

All these things can only be understood by a person who travels, one who is a tourist! A traveller and explorer has the ability or the quality to understand the view of others. By traveling mental outlook of a person is highly broadened.

When a man is away from his home, he comes across many difficulties. Sometimes he does not find a suitable place for his lodging. At times it can also happen that the food available does not suit his taste. He might not be able to converse with the people. When he faces such difficulties, only then he can develop the healthy habit of saving his resources. These are the situations when we initiate and drive ourselves to try and adjust to the situation and mould ourselves according to it.

These are the lessons far more valuable than those we get from our books.

In this “Tourism in India” Section, you will get a complete virtual tour of the places of tourist’s attractions. Check out the links to know more.

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